Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review - Caressed By Ice

Caressed by Ice
by Nalini Singh

This is #3 in her Psy/Changling series and it is just as fun as the first two. The cold, emotionless psy compare/contrast with the warm volatile changling and prove opposites attract, sometimes violently!
The love story is fun between Judd and Brenna. Both need major healing and fall for each other hard. We get new bad guys for just this book and some for the whole story arc of the series. We also see a new character causing great damage to the psy, but we are not sure of his identity yet and so unsure if he is only anti-Proticol (even worse than Silence) or anti-council or what.
These books are fun and easy and sexy. All the characters, at least the good guys are noble and proud and territorial. Meaning there are lots of fights and posturing. Recommended if you are looking for an easy, sexy read with many alpha males running around.

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