Friday, July 29, 2011

Review - Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford

There are some first novels that feel rushed and confusing and others that are filled with this beautiful descriptive language, as though the author has crafted and honed and polished for so long that even the backstory is told with metaphor and style. Dirty Kiss is one of those gems, for example, to say they weren’t going to talk about what happened last year, "Neither one of us was going to rake that night open and spread its entrails out in front of us to look for good fortune." Besides being action and romance filled this book’s language was a joy to read. It also opened with a hilarious scene I will never forget. My mind’s eye certainly created some interesting pictures from those events…

This was a gritty, sexy story. Cole, the Private Investigative lead is emerging from a cocoon of scars and bad memories from a majorly traumatic event. Jae-Min is hurting about having to hide his sexual orientation and fears behind his family’s expectations and his familial responsibilities.

There has been a suicide which Cole has been asked to look into since the police aren't looking further than the suicide note. Unfortunately, as Cole follows the trail down the rabbit hole, violence dogs his every step, making murder look much more likely.

Cole meets Jae-Min during the investigation and they are instantly attracted to each other. They are catapulted into a steamy romance which also dislodges and awakens their fears, wounds and emotions that could easily end things before they can even begin.

This is a great first novel. The language is rich and complex and the mystery is intense. I just had a slight problem because the mystery got a little lost in the middle of the book and took a backseat to the romance. But the characters and character development are amazing! Especially the supporting cast, I loved Scarlet, Cat and Bobby, they were simply wonderful. Additionally, when you read this, google the Korean words, it makes it fun to know what they are saying. The humor and dialogue is just right and imminently enjoyable. Jae-Min and Cole have many layers and make an interesting couple, which has definite potential for future novels. There are questions about the Cole’s past which remain unanswered, but aren't necessary to enjoy this novel. But I really want to know what the heck happened and why! So, I really hope Ford is planning on a sequel. Pick it up if you like mysteries and enjoy (or don’t mind) some hot and sexy guy/guy action.


  1. Thank you, love. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yep, this is a series. We'll be visiting Cole and Jae for a bit, at least. :::grins:: Thank you so much for the review!

  2. Yea it is a series, I hope we get to find out more about that fateful night...!!

  3. It certainly sounds interesting and it's nice that the author dropped a comment. Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.